3 Tips On How To Move A Hot Tub In Playa del Rey!

Moving a hot tub is something that not so many people enjoy doing it. This process can be quite dangerous if you are missing the right tools and materials. Also, you will need some assistance in order to lift the tub and place it on a dolly, You can choose one of the many movers in Playa del Rey and ask it to dispatch a team of professional employees to come and help, If you want to know more, we present you 3 tips on how to move a hot tub in Playa del Rey.

–  Make some preliminary preparations. That means you must permanently have a “to do” list and inventory list where you must keep all materials needed for relocation. If you want to call a mover, make sure that it is available for the date of the move. You must also give some details about the hot tub: model, size, condition, weight. Be sure to give correct details including imperfections.  Also, choose the most effective path to transport the hot tub.

–  Disconnect the tub. This is one of the first things you should do. You must unplug all the cables from power supply and gas lines. Pack that cords in a box and label that box. Before you can start the move, be sure that the tub is dry and drained.  Drain cap must be securely tightened in its place.

–  Use proper tools and materials. You will need different types of dollies for different condition. Use a furniture dolly for flat ground transportation and an appliance dolly for stairs, ramps or other inclined surfaces. You need tow straps to secure the tub. Also, you will need some 4X4 lumber sheets to be placed on each corner when your assistants will lift the tub.

There are many other things to know, like how to turn and lift the tub, how to attach the straps and so on. Only a licensed mover is able to give you these details. You should consider hiring one, if you want a successful relocation for your precious hot tub.

If you are looking for the best local mover in Playa del Rey, you have come to the right place.  We have done numerous relocations before, including hot tubs relocations. If you want a safe but quick move, we are the men for the job. You can find more details about us by accessing our website. Click here!


by Ciprian Gurgu


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