3 Tips on How to Properly Pack a Kitchen in Playa del Rey, Los Angeles!

19You must not hurry with packing and wrapping kitchen for a move. You need all the attention and focus when you must pack this room. Kitchen can be a challenge. There are many electronic appliances, cutlery and plates to be handled. We want to help and offer a series of tips:

–  Choose adequate materials.  Use only strong, solid boxes that are not overused and do not present physical flaws. Make an inventory list with all the items that will be transported and another list with supplies needed for packing. Be very selective and choose only important items. Do not take cheap, with little use items, you will only end up overburdening the transport vehicle.  You can always give those unwanted items to somebody else or donate them. If you have damaged kitchen appliances, it is better to call for a professional electronic waste recycler.

–  Pack and label accordingly the boxes. You should have separate boxes for: food items, appliances, dishes, cutlery, dishtowels, dishcloths, cleaners. Keep a close eye for items that will be needed on the first days after arrival and settling in the new house.  Fragile items require extra measures of protection. You must wrap individually every single fragile item. It is indicated to use multilayered bubble wrap. You glassware must be kept in multi-chambered boxes that have double-walls protection. This is indicated for: wine bottles, glasses, cups, cognac bottles and so on.

–  Call for professional moving services. Playa del Rey movers are more than willing to help you any day of the week. They can come with specially designed equipment and can transport your whole load in a single run. Relocation can be completed in one single day.  Experienced movers have latest logistic support items and vehicles.  They can also dismantle your heavier items and pack them in the right order. Also, they know the roads and will plot the shortest course to destination. All can be finished easier, quicker and in an effective manner. All you need to do is to call the nearest local moving company.

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by Ciprian Gurgu

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