How To Choose The Best Household Moving Strategy

Check our guide on how to choose the best household moving strategy and contact our affordable moving services Playa del Rey. When planning to move, do the following:

  1. moving-furnitureCreate a highly-detailed order plan which can be modified depending on new circumstances. On this order you should track all the tasks and completion time. Note the dates and who is assigned for each task.  In this way you will know when to buy moving supplies, what moving supplies you will need.
  2. Choose the optimal transport route for your items. Transportation vehicle will wait outside, so you will like to make a route directly to the exit door. Depending on the profile of your house, you must choose a transport route and a place where you temporarily store the boxes with items. The route and the storing place must be cleaned before the moving day, so they can have time to dry. You do not want to slip on a wet floor while moving heavy furniture pieces.
  3. Choose the best order for packing rooms. This is another tricky task that depends on the profile of your house. Depending on the number of rooms and their location, you should pack first the rooms located farthest from the exit.
  4. Alternatively, pack rooms depending on their profile and usage frequency. This means that you should go first with rooms that you rarely use or you can spare not using until moving day. A good example is a fitness room. If you have one, you should pack it first. It is a difficult room to handle, because it has lots of specialized gears and they are heavy.
  5. Label all boxes. It is essential for your moving strategy and it helps you avoid placement problems that can have disastrous results. Pay increased attention to boxes with fragile items.

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