How To Handle A Long Distance Move With a Baby On Board

Moving with your baby can be quite difficult and stressing.  You surely do not want to have a baby crying all the time, especially when you are driving. Check the following tips on how to handle a long distance move with a baby on board.  Also, if you need help moving, call experienced movers in Playa del Rey.

First of all, plan the route ahead, scheduling rest stops along the way. Allow extra time for flexibility in case of delays and unplanned stops. Prepare a list of hospitals and walk-in urgent care clinics that are located along your travel route in case your baby gets sick on the way. Some infants get sick a lot, usually with common illnesses, but it’s best to be prepared. Before you leave for your new home, you should request copies of medical records from any health care providers who treated your child. You will also need the records for the pediatrician you choose in your new area of residence. Take photocopies of all your baby’s well-baby checkups, vaccinations, and emergency medical treatment with you on the road.

Next, ensure that your baby is safe. We recommend you to buy car seats specially designed for babies. If your baby is younger than 12 months, a rear-facing car seat is the safest choice. It helps protect an infant’s head, neck, and spinal column if a traffic collision occurs. A crash puts stress on a baby’s neck and spine, but a rear-facing car seat helps diffuse the impact and force of the crash.

Try to keep your baby as close as possible to his or her usual sleep schedule. Leave in the very early hours of the morning before the daylight breaks and your baby is normally asleep.

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