How to Properly Move Heavy Furniture Pieces in Playa Del Rey or nearby cities?

Moving is not easy. Although an exciting experience, starting a new life in a new home, it can get quite complicated, especially when you get to the heavy stuff. Heavy furniture is always a challenge for someone who is moving out. It is important to know how to pack and move your heavy furniture; otherwise you can have back pains and other injuries.

First, you should get organized. For most of your furniture pieces, boxes are not necessary, but it is always a good idea to have some. Clean your furniture and then check every piece to see if it can be disassembled into smaller parts. If it is possible, do this as it will make moving them around a lot easier. Just remember to mark group the pieces in order to remember what goes where.

If you have a sofa that cannot be disassembled, you should wrap it in bubble wrap. This will provide good protection and it will prevent scratches and other damages. I do not recommend packing large pieces of furniture into boxes because it will be very hard to move them and in many cases the box will be torn because of the weight.

Carrying your furniture is the hardest part. Remember to slide and not to lift. Heavy lifting is dangerous and can cause back pains. Make sure you get enough help from friends and family. Of course, the best help you can get is from moving companies. There are many movers in Playa del Rey that will pack and carry your heavy furniture. If you are having trouble with packing and moving your things, do not hesitate to contact a moving company! Most of them offer excellent packing services!

Finally, make sure to write on every box or container what is packed inside. A warning label for heavy furniture will be very helpful for the moving team that will transport your belongings!

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by Bogdan Moisa

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