Learn How To Move Fragile Objects Pieces Such As China and Cups!

Packing delicate china plates and fragile cups is extremely stressful. You must take care all the time not to break any single object. Everybody thinks that knows how to pack china, but it is better not to take any chances. Call for moving services in Playa del Rey and they will respond immediately. They will bring their experts and you can also learn how to move fragile objects pieces such as china and cups.

You will need enough supplies to correctly pack your delicate objects.  Check if you have original boxes and if they are not damaged. It is recommended to use original boxes, because these usually have additional protection foam. Check if the foam is OK or use foam insertions to repair it.

If you have the original boxes, than you can successfully apply double boxing method. It is the safest way to transport china and other glassware. As an alternative you can use sturdy double-walled boxes.  Usually you will find in the market boxes designed for plates and glassware, they are called dishpack or dish barrel.

Movers can tell you more about all the procedures required to pack glassware. They can tell you if you need bubble wrap or other types of soft padding. Also, they can calculate how much space you must leave between items and how compact your cargo must be. Professional movers usually have a depot with packing materials and boxes. Of course, a good mover will only have high quality items. So, if you are in need, you can always call and buy supplies.

Movers will carefully label each box containing fragile items and will place it at the top of the cargo, thus avoiding the risk that the items to break under too much weight. Hiring a mover will bring many other advantages. It can bring large cargo trucks with sufficient cargo hold and with lifting gates or ramps. They can also choose the shortest path between two points and can predict traffic.

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by Ciprian Gurgu


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