Learn How To Move Heavy Furniture In Playa del Rey

Learning how to move heavy furniture in Playa del Rey is essential if you plan on relocating. If not properly handled, heavy furniture can damage your floor and cause back pains. If not properly loaded and packed it can damage other more fragile items.

You have to know how to carry, protect and secure heavy furniture when relocating. We hope that our guide will be helpful. If you have problems, you can always call Playa del Rey movers to help you pack!

1.       Clean the furniture and the floors

The first thing you have to do is clean the floors and the furniture. Debris can damage your floor when carrying furniture. You also have to clean your heavy furniture of dust and other objects that you have on them. Bookshelves, drawers and closets have to be emptied and then cleaned. You also have to make room for your furniture pieces. Make sure nothing stands in the way as it can make carrying very difficult.

2.       Make sure you use appropriate moving supplies

You cannot pack all of your furniture in boxes. Every piece requires a special material. Sofas, couches and armchairs should be covered in shrink wrap. Shrink wrap protects against dirt, dust, debris and scratches and should be applied to fragile textures. Bubble wrap can be used to protect bookshelves, beds and other furniture. Boxes should be used to pack parts of your furniture which can be detached like doors, drawers, trays etc.

3.       Call a moving company

Playa del Rey movers can help you pack and transport your heavy furniture in the entire Los Angeles county area. If you have a lot of furniture which you cannot handle alone, a moving company can save you time and a lot of back pains. Professional movers have the required moving supplies and equipment. They provide efficient moving services which will help you relocate fast and with little effort. Calling professionals to assist you is always recommended and you will not have to spend a lot of money!

If you want to relocate, Melrose Moving provides great moving services which include packing and transportation! Click here for a free quote and do not hesitate to call us!

by Bogdan Moisa

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