Learn How To Plan A Move And Choose The Best Household Mover in Playa del Rey, Los Angeles!

Do you want to move to Playa del Rey? Planning a moving takes a lot of time, patience and careful consideration of every aspect: what to pack? How to pack? To call a moving company or to do it yourself? But besides all the stress, moving into a new house is an exciting experience. You start a new life in a new neighborhood, and if you have chosen Playa del Rey, you are very lucky because you will be enjoying the beach everyday!

 How to plan a move?

First, you’ll need to decide on the essential details. You’ll need to set up a date and arriving hour at your new house. Setting a deadline will help you organize and you will be able to decide when to pack what. You also need to decide on using a moving company or not. There are several companies in Los Angeles that provide moving services in Playa del Rey which you can choose from. A moving company can make things easier especially since they can offer packing services as well!

If you haven’t used the services of a moving company before and are reluctant to do so, read on and find out how to choose a good moving company.

First, you’ll need to ask around. It is easy to find information on the internet and you can also ask family and friends. See if someone recommends a company. If not, you can search on the internet. Make sure you check the reviews of each business.

Moving companies will ask you what truck size you need. A two bedroom apartment for example fits into a 16’ or 17’ truck. There are other sizes available, the smallest usually being of 10’ which can be good for inter-city moves and for small studio apartments.

If you move across country, expect to spend a lot of money on a moving company. However, sometimes this can be your only solution. Remember not to hire a moving company unless they visit your house first and offer advice and information!

One small side note: not asking about the price can be costly! Make sure you know what you will have to pay at the end of the day! They don’t have to tell you about the extra costs if you don’t ask them!

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by Bogdan Moisa

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