How to Move With Pets! A Los Angeles Moving Company can Help!

beagleinboxMoving can be frustrating not only to you, but also to your little pets. If you do not give them proper conditions for a move, this experience may be quite traumatic. You must gather info about how to move with pets. Ask a veterinarian about transporting your pets and what conditions you must offer them. Choose the mover with care and before hiring, ask if they can handle animals and if they have any experience with relocating pets.  A competent Los Angeles moving company can help with this complicated situation.

First, you must inform if it is legal to keep this pet in Los Angeles.  Normally, cats and dogs are accepted. Only aggressive races of dogs are excluded. If you have a breed of dog that is used for fighting or it is considered aggressive, you should ask the authorities if you could keep him or not.  Persons that have exotic pets should research if the species is considered endangered or not and if it is legal to keep it in LA.

If everything is ok, you should go to the vet and make sure that your pet is properly vaccinated. Get a sedative for your pet if you are travelling long distances and make sure you know the proper dosage. Get copies of vet records and vaccination certificates.  You will need all these documents if you will be travelling by air.

The prescription of the pets will be needed for a new vet and pharmacy. Look for pet-friendly environments. Search if there are nearby parks to your location.  Pack all the toys of your pets, if they have ones and keep one or two close to the pet during the move.   This will help your little companion to relieve the stress and feel more comfortable during the move.

Our company has a vast experience in moving with pets. If you want to know more about our services, check our website.  Visit our Homepage!

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