Playa del Rey Moving Company: How to Pack and Move Your Bathroom

Do not consider that a bathroom is easy to pack. We usually choose to neglect the complexity of a bathroom because is the smallest room in the house.  If you do not plan everything ahead, you will end up with unpleasant surprises as you approach the moving date.  If you want a professional relocation, hire a Los Angeles moving company.

You will find many experienced movers in this area. But if you want to work alone, Playa del Rey Moving Company offer you some tips about how to pack and move your bathroom.

First of all, start sorting your bathroom accessories, toiletries, linens, medicines and whatever products are placed there.  Keep in a separate box some toiletries: a shampoo, soap, toothpaste. You will need these items immediately you will arrive at your destination. Label the box and make sure you know where is placed in the cargo hold.

Toss the bottles that are depleted or their content have passes the expiration date. Also, you should do the same with medicine found in medicine chests. Make sure that all lids are tightened and the bottles and tubes will not leak. Dispose of unwanted medicine and toiletries by bringing them to local household hazardous waste facility. Use old, ratty towels as rags.

Buy many sealable plastic bags. Here you must place shower curtains, medicine and first aid supplies, towels and washcloths. Alternatively, you can use wardrobe boxes for shower curtains and towels. Just make sure you will not pack anything that is wet.

You must gather packing supplies with some time ahead.  You will need many small boxes for bathroom, packing peanuts, a roll of packing tape and sealable plastic bags. Do not forget to buy markers and labels. You will need to write on each box what it contains, so you may know how to place it in the back of the transporting vehicle.

Our company has the best men and tools and we can quickly pack the bathroom for you. Visit us!

by Ciprian Gurgu


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